Join our 30-Day LinkedIn Challenge

LinkedIn is one of the top tools for jobseekers to help you build your network, connect with recruiters and hiring managers you do not yet know, boost your online presence, and stay top of mind with the people you know — and people you want to know.

Whether you are new to LinkedIn or a long-time member looking to make better use of the service, we can help you make the most of your LinkedIn profile.

Join Best Foot Forward in a 30-day challenge to improve your profile and your engagement with the platform. We will give you 60 possible LinkedIn daily actions to choose from. You will complete one activity each day, taking 30 days of consistent action in five different areas:

  • Improving Your LinkedIn Profile
  • Connecting With Contacts, Companies, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers
  • Creating Content (Status Updates and LinkedIn Publishing)
  • Getting Involved in Groups
  • Giving and Getting Endorsements and Recommendations

Beginning May 1*, we will focus on one area each week. In addition, I also have a number of miscellaneous assignments I will throw out each week, which will be especially helpful to people more experienced with the platform.

You can choose your activity based on the amount of time you have available. Some actions will take five minutes or less — others may take 15 minutes or more. Some of these are “timed” actions (“Spend 20 minutes researching possible LinkedIn Groups to join”) or you will be completing a specific task (“Send connection requests to two former coworkers”).

There are three ways to conduct the challenge. Your strategy is entirely up to you.

  • Complete one action item each day for 30 days straight
  • Take action for six days each week (no Sundays) for five weeks
  • Take action for five days each week (no weekends) for six weeks

To sign up, email me at or visit my Facebook page at to contact me through a post of private message. I will add you to a private Facebook group where participants will interact, share updates and success stories, and support each other through the process. I will also provide tracking sheets so each participant can track their progress.

Don’t miss your chance to work with a certified career professional to improve your LinkedIn profile, grow your network, and improve your online job search and career development efforts – for free!

When finished, we can review progress including growth in the number and quality of connections and recommendations. I will have small prizes to award both effort and results.

* Participants may join after May 1 and catch up with the group by completing more than one task per day.

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